Our Sunshine Program is designed for pre-primary years. 

TSA offers PKG, JKG and SKG pre-primary classes. TSA believes that it is very important to build the foundation for lifelong learning skill in the children, hence pre-primary experience is tailored to meet the requirement of these skills. Here, at TSA, pre-primary students stand respected, capable, curious, inquisitive and full of abilities and ideas. Our experience staff particularly working with pre-primary section, co-construct in-depth investigations with the students so that each child is actively involved with the studies.

These investigations may last a short period or  extend throughout the entire school year.  These investigations are the tools for the students to observe, question, hypothesize and experiment in authentic, meaningful investigations, which forms platform for the children to extend far beyond basic skills.

Most importantly, students leave the pre-primary program excited about learning and with the ability and confidence to succeed in the next stages of their education. This powerful approach to learning is based on the education policy of TSA.  

Our pre-primary program is structured in such a way that children are viewed as capable learners who have so much to offer. At TSA, children play, explore, discover the beautiful indoor and outdoor environments and learn naturally. The curriculum which broadly is play way method, aims at developing personal, social, and emotional aspects in the children at the beginning stage. Communication, world knowledge, creative and aesthetic development, mathematical awareness, physical development, literacy, teamwork, self help skills are the prime area where our Sunshine Program focuses.