Science Expo 2019

TSA organised Science Expo on 6th July 2019. This was the first expo TSA ever organised and many more chapters will continue in future. The primary objective of this expo was to create awareness about the possible execution of the knowledge in science subjects to enable children's mind to think about how the knowledge of science they have gained can be used for benefit for human kind. Students are productively benefited with skills when when they develop the confidence about their skills nurtured during their studies. 

Classes VI to A Level formed the project groups with different experimental products to showcase how the school learning can soon be transformed to something concrete and objective elements. All the mentors guided the participants to make sure that their projects are live. A lot of hard work and original concept went into bringing the expo on board. 

This expo brought to the surface level the fact that we generally undermine the capacities of our students. We shift blames on other factors which can be termed cliched. One attempt out of these shell, will open the eyes of the teachers and parents. What plays significant role is involvement and engagement of mentors and parents, a little extra bit of task, a little extra bit of research and organizing data and facilitating the students with an environment where they feel engaged and availability of resources..And it will not be too far to be surprised at how wonderful they are in innovating things. 

The Schram Academy at Ayanambakkam, has set its goals and goals are bound to enlarge its wider horizons with time passing. Such events and activities will feature in school calendar. TSA is armed with enthusiastic approach towards the education making the process an explosive effort enough to generate required ignited minds. 

TSA, is proud of its students who brought together the concepts, worked in harmony, shared the skills and exhibited a highly appreciable show. The Chief Guest for inauguration Ms. Vijaylakshami, applauded the  event. 



Ayanambakkam 6th July 2019:

The Science expo 2019-20 event of our school was held on the first Saturday in our school ( Area). On that day, the atmosphere of the school took a festive look. A great interest was observed among the students and the guardians. All of them came to enjoy the Expo. Mrs. N Vijayalakshmi , The Principal of Baktavachalam

 Sr. secondary school was theChief Guest. The guests arrived at 9.30 am. The students were lined up and taken to the venue at 9:30am. Our Mc’s were our own students ( Names ) . Event started off at 9:45am.

  • The event started with a prayer organized well by Miss Renata and Mr. Fenny.

  • Welcome speech was given by the Head boy of the campus

  • Principal introduced the Chief guest and invited the guest to address the gathering.

  • Memento was handed over to the chief guest by Academic co-head Mr. Stan Surrao.

  • Speech by the chief guest.

  • Ribbon cutting was done by the chief guest.

There were several rooms arranged for the exhibits of the science expo. Assembly hall was the venue for Physics and Chemistry team. The ground floor Library was the venue for the Mathematics. And opposite to the Math expo was for Biology team. The rooms were well arranged for the guests and parents to move around and enjoy the expo arranged by our students. Refreshments were provided to the chief guest and guest of honor after they finished watching the expo.  Parents, students and teachers were also provided with refreshments.

The chief guest left the campus at 10:20am after giving us the feedback of the event.

The event continued till 12.30pm and a good number of parents had turned up to watch the science expo. Every parent was handed a sapling and seed balls by the Biology team which was thoroughly appreciated.

Each Team had a theme

Biology: Sustainability.

The Biology team did a tremendous job by transforming the room to a field and nursery  with irrigation systems and containers filled with waters . They showcased –

  • Fish aquaponics  - where water from the fish tank is circulated to grow plants in the same water, which was further filtered and sent back to the fish tank.

  • Drip irrigation – Showing how to reduce water usage for irrigation. Robofly for fields,Hydroponics was also showcased.

  • Self water plants- showing Capillary rise, inverted plans using bottles,

  • Waste management-Showing how to transform kitchen waste to vermicompost. Usage of waste egg shells and coconut husk etc.

  • Rain water harvesting.

  • Endocrine system, digestive system and BMI was also shown very effectively