Field activities, adventure activities and traveling activities not only widen the horizon of a student’s learning, but also it offers opportunity to go through real time experiences. Main purpose of school tours or outings are not only to educate students about other side of the world, they are also used as part of the curriculum to cover a wide range of life skills, such as time management, team building, leadership qualities etc.

Field tours are strong foundation for enhanced learning experience. It not only provides students and teachers a good break from daily routine class teaching induced monotony, but also educates and proves to be an excellent medium for developing long lasting relationship. It would not be wrong to say that outward bound activities are like mobile classrooms where students learn from interactive and fun sessions. This promotes engagement amongst the students, as they find it more interesting because it takes them away from monotonous teaching in the closed classrooms. Outward activities offer opportunities to students for interacting with other people from all sections for the society, gaining new perspectives and enhance socialisation. As compared to classroom teaching, learning in real environment, strengthens retention because new discoveries and interesting facts and measures encourage students to learn several things which allows them to retain memories of such experience for a long time.

It has proved that an individual develops following skills form outbound learning.

  1. Self-awareness

  2. Empathy

  3. Critical thinking

  4. Creative writing

  5. Decision making

  6. Problem solving

  7. Effective communication

  8. Interpersonal relationship

  9. Coping with stress

  10. Coping with emotions

TSA organises, from time to time outings for students. Mostly these outings cover up the curriculum not only academic but other aspects of learning which is not possible in the classroom. Industrial visits, environmental observation visits, cultural visits, entertainment visits, adventurous site visits, are organised as per the requirements. In order to engage students in real time, adventurous activities like hiking, climbing rafting, business activities like running a canteen, planning an event, organising and running, are incorporated in the school calendar.