Dear parents,

We all know the world is going through unprecedented crisis with Covid-19 pandemic. As per government orders, a complete lockdown must be observed by the citizens. Consequently, education system stands disrupted. At this critical time, every country is trying their best to maintain the system as much as possible. Education is one system which must not stop. The Schram Academy, Ayanambakkam is dedicated to the students and to keep the studies uninterrupted.

The doors on our campuses may be closed for a while but learning at The Schram Academy is definitely wide open. Our teachers have been busy developing online class strategies, preparing scheme of teaching, devising novice pedagogy for such adverse time. While school would definitely put forward its best efforts to streamline the classes, a perceptive and judicious cooperation from parents would be an added weaponry in this battle.

By default, every student has been promoted to the next class. Hence your wards would study the syllabus of the next class. However, school is working on grading policy which would be ready soon and your wards will be graded accordingly for Annual Exam 2019.

Exception: IGCSE/AS/A Level students of May/June 2020 series examination.

We would request parents to do the following:
1. Download Zoom app in their mobiles, laptops, desktops.
2. Allow time to your wards according to the time table to attend the class.
3. Try your best to arrange one separate room away from any kind of noise for your ward.
4. Your ward can attend the classes through smart phones or laptops or desktops.
5. Keep one earphone ready for him.
6. Encourage your wards to be sincere to what the teachers teach and obey them.
7. If your ward receives home tasks, encourage or support him in completing the task and returning to the teacher as instructed or whatsoever.
8. Be friendly and polite with your wards at home and encourage them to try new things. Teachers will provide resources from time to time.
9. Ebooks will be made available on website, as per the availability.

Thank God that we are all so blessed and proud to be part of the TSA family. You all remain in our prayers as we anticipate the day when we can once again gather on the school compound. Until then, stay indoors, stay safe and rejoice in His blessings.