"To introduce novelty in learning, the 'No Bag Day' concept has been introduced. This day bridges the gap between the facilitator and the learner.


The Learners of  Schram Academy school Ayanambakkam had a fun filled day “The no bag day on14th  June 2019

The learners from preschool to Grade 2 were involved in various different activities to make the day more effective. During the day the timetable remained the same, while the day’s activities were carried out without the use of textbooks. The activities were planned to build creativity and understanding of the subject.

Pre School - Skg

The tiny tots of pre primary wing were moving around the classroom singing song with lots of actions and expressions. The teacher narrated the stories and involved the children to make animal sounds which brought liveliness in the classroom. Post snack break each class were engaged in different activities like

  • Preschool:  Out door games to develop gross and fine motor skill.

Faculty : Ms Carren


  • JKG : Finger print activity ( To develop Aesthtic skill and eye hand coordination)

Faculties : JKG A – Ms Saraswathi

JKG B – Ms Sofia

The children were given a rain drop outline and were made to sit in groups, with simple demonstration given by the teacher they gently and slowly rolled their index finger in the poster paint and made their finger impression many times to make outline more bright and colourful art.


  • SKG : Colouring and rice art work ( To build in creativity )

Faculties : SKG A – Ms

SKG B – Ms

The were given colouring outline pictures like carrot, car , orange.. and were asked to colour them using wax crayons. After colouring they also sprinkled rice and pasted them over it to make the picture creative.

After the activity all the children of pre primary were taken to KG LAB  and showcased animated rhymes and stories. They enjoyed the day with loads of fun and interesting activities and left for the day.



The children of grade 1 & 2 were engaged in various activities respective to their subjects. All the activities were planned alongside the essence of the subject concept ,so the children really enjoyed and contributed  their fullest interest in each activity.

  • Faculty : Ms M.Florency

Subject: English

Activity 1

The class is divided into 2 groups. Each team prepared shopping list for class party. They included 1o items in the list. Five countable nouns and five uncountable nouns. The team who completed first was the winner.

Activity 2 Time to decorate

The students were divided into small groups. The students were made to discuss about how to decorate their ideal classroom, how they wish their class room to be. The students came out with imaginative thought and ideas. Their ideas were very colorful and unique. The best suggestion was appreciated.

  • Faculty : Ms jiji Evangeline

Subject:    Math

Abacus activity :

The children  were asked to insert the beads in the abacus board respective to their the given number flash cards.

Number activity:

The children were asked to make the maximum 2 and 3 digit numbers using the given number flash cards.

  • Faculty : Ms Kirti

Subject:    Hindi

Cooking words  activity :

The children were asked to make words with the given letter flash cards.