Common Attributes

Our school’s scholastic and non-scholastic framework are designed to match our core values. The objective of such framework is to empower pupils with a drive to value education. This power facilitates necessary development of mind and character. Benchmarked with IB and Cambridge learner profiles we pride in mentoring global leaders who demonstrate the following characteristics:


TSA believes in celebration of humanity. We recognise the value of community and diversity. We promote collaborative work amongst different orientations and diverse cultural backgrounds, which contributes to our local and global community. We promote global citizenship over the local or national citizenship. Collective evolution into global citizen is inevitable if students seek and assess a spectrum of perspectives.


It is universal today that our children are surrounded by number of temptations and addictions. It has caused depletion of ethical and moral values. We understand the values of respect, honesty, righteousness, equality, self and social awareness must be promoted amongst the children. Therefore, we plan cultural socialisation, build moral vocabulary, ignite meaningful conversation and promote positive principals. We strive to develop characters in our students who demonstrate empathy, compassion and respect.


Success is not only source of happiness today. Sustenance and survival in highly competitive world today has emerged as a big challenge. Most recently, technology has put humanity on the edge. TSA recognises the importance of adaptiveness and command of technology, so it prepares the students for assimilating the knowledge into creativity. We provide students with opportunity of active learning which in turn ignites a passion for learning. Our curriculum framework uniquely integrates innovative applications of modern day technology which paves way for developing skills for creative and productive ideas.


TSA maintains that any achievement sans discipline is not an achievement at all. Discipline is the core element of every successful achievements. It is foundation of all achievements. It is an indispensable characteristic , therefore children must be taught the value of being discipline  and committed in their personal, academic and professional lives. At TSA we train our pupils to observe and appreciate discipline and commitment in various facets of life from their early years. The success of our alumni resonates and reflects our efforts in mentoring disciplined citizens of the world.


TSA follows the Cambridge curriculum and assessments which are designed keeping learner’s attributes in mind. The five main learner’s attributes are our way of recognising that students need to develop attitude and life skills throughout their education, as well as academic skills, in order to be successful at university and in employment. 

Confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others

Cambridge students are confident, secure in their knowledge, unwilling to take things for granted and ready to take intellectual risks. They are keen to explore and evaluate ideas and arguments in a structured, critical and analytical way. They are able to communicate and defend views and opinions as well as respect those of others.

Responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others

Cambridge students take ownership of their learning, set targets and insist on intellectual integrity. They are collaborative and supportive. They understand that their actions have impacts on others and on the environment. They appreciate the importance of culture, context and community.

Reflective as learners, developing their ability to learn

Cambridge students understand themselves as learners. They are concerned with the processes as well as the products of their learning and develop the awareness and strategies to be lifelong learners.

Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges

Cambridge students welcome new challenges and meet them resourcefully, creatively and imaginatively. They are capable of applying their knowledge and understanding to solve new and unfamiliar problems. They can adapt flexibly to new situations requiring new ways of thinking.

Engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference

Cambridge students are alive with curiosity, embody a spirit of enquiry and want to dig more deeply. They are keen to learn new skills and are receptive to new ideas. They work well independently but also with others. They are equipped to participate constructively in society and the economy – locally, nationally and globally.