TSA at Ayanambakkam takes into consideration all the factors that counts into competitive spirit. With four houses, battling out every event including academics, the atmosphere is hot with pursuit of excellence.  Ramanujan, Einstein, Da Vinci and Rembrandt house were seen flexing their muscles as the match symbolized the power for each of members of these houses. There was an acceptable range of competency levels, as in each house players appeared riveted to every move opponent made and the calculation went crazy for counter attack and defense. What was most enthralling was the enthused efforts of players found a kick of adrenaline spiraling among the watch-on opponents, triggering further hard determination to devise strong strategies to combat. Well there was fire in every one of them. 

Girls hit the table with overpowering sense of 'we have got all you have got too' and jumped into the match with a metal desperation of kicking off the rivals showing 'you are going to get it' attitude to the teams that glared with great deal of energy and firmly convinced it was their day.  Inter House spirit of excelling over other was at full rage.