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With recently formed students’ council, House Captains and prefects were all set to invigorate their participants in coming up Inter House Declamation Competition. This competition was set for the classes I to V. The declamation was set on class textbooks where participants were expected to read and pronounce the text correctly. Each student from every class had to participate in the preliminary round of the competition. Five toppers from each class and each House were selected for the selection Round. A total of twenty participants, five from each House were ready to battle in the finals.

Following students made to the final round:

Ramanujan House: Sonika Borkar (PP1), Yugamaran (2B), Tanushri (3A), David Sushanth (PP4), Keshav Raghin (PP5)

Da Vinci House: Pavyashri (1B), Akshath (2B), Swetha (3B), Maria Julia (PP4), Nethravathi (5A)

Rembrandt House: Devakshi (1A), Ridha Fathima (PP1), Tejashwani (PP3), Yukthika (4B), Gurkirat (5B)

Einstein House:  Krissen (1A), Rithika Maria Rana (2A), Mohammad Mahadi (PP3), Elakiah (4A), Sanjaana (5B)

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Auditorium was decked with an ambiance of competition where all the participants took their seats while judges scribbled over their sheets getting ready for the decision on the battle which are about to begin. Every participant from each House put forward their best while few of them amused the audience.

Mrs. Ursa, Mrs. Bindu and Mr. Stan formed the judging panel, who described the competition as quite close one. 

Declamation Finals Report

The most awaited Final round of Declamation Inter-house competition was held on Friday (28th July 2019) in the school auditorium. The students who bagged the prizes from each class were:

                    Pavyashree of I B  

                    Rida Fathima of PP2 

                    Tejaswini R of PP3

                    Yukthika of IV B

                     Keshav Ragith of PP5

The Rembrandt house won the overall prize. It was indeed a challenge for the judges to make the final judgement. The finalists, the audience (students from grade 3 to 5), the teachers and the judges were all very involved in making the competition a great success.