A farewell for Prosperous Future

Wednesday, 23 March 2019

Comes the day when our passing our graduates have to go through a herculean task of making decision for the next level. of course, the fun and frolics they enjoyed with their school mates, are priceless, the moments are treasures to be looked at as nostalgia long time later. Indeed, a prize worth holding for ever.

After exhaustive sessions of torturous exams, students of A Level are all set to say good bye to their Alma meter. AS level students, the host for the day, along with the guests A Level students walked around resplendently, scurrying through to arrange the stage and recreation packs. As the guest students strutted up the stage to receive the citations and accolades, others looked on to enjoy the glow on outgoing students. They all are mates, so fun intended while saying ' Hey, you got to get kicks, lest you change the mind'.. All said and done, there were games, there were dances, there were ways to have fun and ways to make the time memorable. 

As A level students expressed their gratitude to their teachers,  happy to have the blessings. They danced to rejoice the memory.