The Schram Academy at Aynambakkam ensures the standard education to every child who chooses to enter here. Our teachers are well qualified for teaching the curriculum.

Teachers of Cambridge Curriculum are professionally trained by  the experts of Cambridge. There are Cambridge Professional Development seminars all over the world, organised by CIE, Cambridge, UK for making the teachers specialized with various subjects. 

These trained teachers are confident, responsible, independent, innovative and engaged. They are trained to develop these qualities in the students. Most of the teachers are well experienced with the curriculum who have been an educator in various parts of the world. 

Facilitators at TSA are trained for planning and conducting curricula based action plans. They set the structure  for the group discussion with students, monitor the group’s process in discussing subject content independently and in a group, help the students in group reach a consensus, make decisions, and set action plans. Cambridge curriculum is based on independent work and analysis, hence our facilitators bring out a variety of opinions and ideas, at the same time ensuring that all participants in the group feel they are valued contributors to the discussion. Our facilitators use a number of strategies to help group achieve their goals. Our facilitators focus on a common goal and a common process, provide strategies to handle conflicts, record the group’s discussion and decisions in an efficient ways to reach consensus and productive outcomes.