It is well known fact that if you hit only books you are bound to burn out. Instead, if you head out in the open surroundings, observe, and appreciate what you have got, you are bound to feel the abundance of things that make you happy. So lets come out and see what is happening around you, and if anything is unpleasant, lets volunteer to help. 

We hold community service very vital for the betterment of the world. Our students must feel motivated and self-driven to contribute towards the betterment of the world, society, or country.

When students volunteer for community service, they develop real world skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond. They practice leadership, problem solving, collaboration with others, time management, and communication. What is most significant is, students learn that the work they do for community can make a real Impact in the world.

When a student learns why it is important to volunteer for community services he is being prepared  to take responsibilities as open minded, principled citizen in global community. While performing community service, as a volunteer, they visit local food shelves, animal shelters, orphanage, slum areas or place where deprived people are found, they get to interact with people who have vastly different backgrounds and learn patience and empathy as they develop a global perspective. In other words, they develop a richer perspective of the world they live in. Further, students get to connect what they learn in school to the real world.

TSA is recognizes the value of community service and how important it is to inculcate amongst the students empathy towards the world, guides and encourages them to volunteer whenever it called upon. Environmental issues, natural calamities issues, literacy issues and many other social issues that needs to be attended to are brought to the class and equip students with information and strategies to minimise or contribute towards minimisation of the sufferings, scarcity and distress.