The slogan of TSA ‘Excellence in Education’ imbibes in it a holistic approach. It resonates our conviction and vision. Every child that enrols in TSA, undergoes a stimulating co-curricular program throughout the year. These programs are tailored on the key principle that an individual flourish and thrives in an enriching environment that recognises their talents and abilities. The inherent qualities like personal interests and passions significantly modify the life of an individual, therefore we give students the opportunity to involve themselves in a broad range of activities that significantly complements the curriculum followed. The involvement in co-curricular activities develops their character, enhances their learning process and improves social and intellectual skills.  

TSA maintains that children should discover, pursue and perfect their skills. This creates a drive in them to participate in activities which sharpen their communication skills, develop their leadership and managerial skills and gives them sense of belonging. We allow students to organise cultural events and religious festivals which encourages them to take initiatives. TSA creates an ambiance and atmosphere for the students to indulge in cultural activities to foster community pride, strengthen relationship and promote values of inclusions. Be it playful theatrical skills, heart-warming music notes, appealing artistic proficiency or controlled dance moves; our students are honed  in the best way,  

In the pipeline are: Yamaha Recorder Program, Ballet, Gymnastics, Trinity Music Certificate Course 


TSA has envisaged a multilevel program in the form of clubs to achieve the specific goals other than academics. Various clubs promote the appreciation for the arts and skills and develop them into their passion which students follow to master the art and skill and excel with great success. Following are the clubs at TSA.  


Literary clubs develop skills related to English Language equipping students with smooth communication tool.  They are further divided into various groups:  


This club particularly caters the needs of the students who struggle with fluency of the English. This club prepares students for oratory skills at later stage. We follow British accent; hence genuine English pronunciation skill is developed via various multimedia technique.  


Many students are found to be good at expressing their views and ideas effectively, yet they find themselves struggling with widening the horizon of their ideas and putting across the paper. Writing is a very special and complex art when it comes to create literary effect or act as they say ‘mirror of the society’. One can travel the world, experience various kinds of life, even taste the food from different parts of the world. Our experts train students how to create desired language effect in writing. We take into account wide range of genre like drama, music, haiku, fiction, action etc and develop the knack for such literary art.  

     3. TALKS 

Talks are general way of sharing ideas with others. Talks aims at addressing a gathering with an intention of allowing others to know one’s ideas and philosophy. These days content-based talks and burning question talks are very popular. It takes great deal of skills to move the audience with your speech or talk. TSA sets some parameter which are requisites to develop this skill which students learn in this club. 

       4. DEBATE 

Debates and discussions are great way of arriving at global conclusion. This oratory skill has been the root of all discretionary administration. A debate has the capacity to turn the table and create an impact on human mind that is firm and convincing. Our experienced teachers devise programs to develop this skill amongst the students.  


Mathematics Club helps students with derivation of the mathematical concepts and put them into daily phenomenon. It helps in developing logical ability, inclination and efficiency in deductions making mathematics more interesting and useful. Our Mathematics Club is equipped with latest gadgets and ‘how’ and ‘why’ manuals to speed up the process of learning mathematics.  


At TSA, we offer various genre of music. Breaking the cliched curriculum in music, our horizon for music extends for theory to practice. Wind instruments, string instruments, percussion etc are offered to choose from. Other than vocal skills, we provide guidance for guitar, keyboard, recorder and violin. Based on classics like rock and roll, reggae, rock, alternative, country and modern genre, our music trainers have it all what it needs to make it perfect for our students.   


School provides our students with an environment to delve deep into the wonders of science. They are keen to observe the phenomenon that governs the daily happenings, show curiosity to experience these phenomena. This club presents a platform to the students to experiment the richness of the science.  


Sports symbolises two objectives—opportunity and prowess. As broad and balanced in nature is our unique curriculum framework, it integrates sports as an integral component in education. What makes TSA students stand out is that thier hallmarks are sportsmanship, leadership, confidence and teamwork. TSA has mechanism to identify individual skills and expertise. This modern must have skills help students in developing and possessing the knowledge and understanding of sports and enable them to achieve perfection through experience, participation and perseverance.  

We recognize the countless benefits of competitiveness, target setting attributes and physical wellbeing of a child. We also recognize that sports develop the fundamental attributes of discipline, punctuality, responsibility, commitment, selflessness, determination and leadership. Basketball club, Chess club, Gymnastics club, Taekwondo club form the core of the sports club.  



The goals of the Environmental Club are to increase awareness of environmental issues amongst students; assist to become better stewards of the environment; make TSA a model school for environmental education and environmentally sustainable practices. Through the activities in the club, we make an attempt to instil a sense of responsibility for the environment and a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment. Students learn to cultivate an appreciation and interest in the environment.  

The Environmental Club is a voluntary group comprising of students which promotes participation of students in learning about and working towards the conservation and sustainability of their environment. This club aims at creating an awareness on the importance of respecting and appreciating surroundings through leadership and influence, critical and inventive thinking, projects and competition and service learning.  


Yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. In more recent years, it has become popular as a form of physical exercise based upon poses that promote improved control of the mind and body and enhance well-being. Yoga classes in this club, aim at improving the daily practices, teach how to imbibe the regular routine cult in someone’s life and emphasizing on follow the exercise on daily basis.  


In order to facilitate independent creativity, bold ambitions and passion driven judgements the department of Art and Craft run ‘art and craft club’. Our educators come with experience, passion and wide exposure to the art and craft. They share their practices and expose students to an array of topics, themes and styles that include representation, realistic, stylized, impressionist and abstracts. These cover different historical periods, contemporary art by living artists, conceptual fine arts, traditional art and artefacts.  

The wide range of media take students to the wonderful land of imagination. They pick conventional mediums like crayons, acrylic, oil paints, charcoal and ink to the modern ones such as coloured charcoal, pigmented ink, and canvas painting. Besides, children explore the length and breadth of their creative skills through craft work, their passionate love culminates into exquisite pieces using decorative materials and being in sync with the international and national festivals , annual events. Facilitators of art and craft introduce new process and techniques, getting students involved in engaging and enriching projects.  


Media club is designed for students who exhibit interest and talent in photography, filming and editing. Students are given opportunity to develop their skills training programs such as video editing, short film projects, print media like designing using software like Corel Draw, photoshop etc. At present, TSA offers digital designing and short film making trainings for interested students.  


TSA caters the requirements of the students as and when they exhibit their passion and interest in a particular art or skill. Theatre Club addresses the solution to the students who aspire to develop their acting skills. In order to facilitate students who have an interest in theatrical events like plays and skits, club brings to the students all the resources required to pursue the ambition in theatre. We believe that drama is vital and constructive force in society, feeling that a body which presents opportunity for a student to become more intimately acquainted with techniques of theatrical events is necessary element in the process of a liberal education intending to provide a program for the production and promotion of the community, the cultural exchange via performance. Two branches of theatre club ‘stage performance’ and ‘mime’ are regular feature of club activities at TSA.   


Model United Nation, also known as Model UN or MUN is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN Committees. This involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating and writing skills as well as critical thinking , teamwork and leadership abilities.  



Chennai Extravaganza is a large celebration for the city. TSA organises Chennai Extravaganza every year in the form of performing arts, dances, musicals and dramatics.