After schooling, a young scholar is at crossroads of future plan where he is surrounded by a multitude of career opportunity, most of which are highly lucrative. At this juncture of his or her life, a student needs a guide who would show them focused option according to his plans or inclinations. Selecting a career path is the most life-defining decision for a young scholar. Career Counselling is a crucial constituent of a child’s schooling that involves identifying their potential, classifying weaknesses and guiding them towards the path that is realistic and right. From choosing streamed or elective subjects to understanding areas of interest, career counselling is an effort to relate learning to life, theory to reality and discovering a motivating route to a fulfilling life. However, to make correct choices, a person’s foundation must be firm and so preparation takes place in every year of school life through a steady accumulation of skills, wisdom and planning.

Here at TSA, primary elements of process of career guidance takes into consideration information, intervention and integration. Counsellor, who are selective expertise, constructs a platform to cover information on courses, subject choices, and career paths. These designated counsellors are connoisseurs who are highly qualified in harmonising student’s personal interests and alternate job choices. Through one-on-one or sessions conducted in groups, pupils are appraised of career or job-related issues that occur in the real world. Pastorally, we emphasise on building a character and making pupils confident, risk-takers, knowledgeable, innovative and reflective; academically, we inspire pupils to seek out, real-life examples and strive to apply their knowledge in practical aspects. The third and final step involves integrating career education within the curriculum framework to develop individual competencies and efficiently managing mentored development path.

TSA, is equipped with professional tests like aptitude test and personality assessment test. These tests are developed scientifically to evaluate skills and knowledge which are measuring scales for capacities and capabilities supplying vital elements like individual synopsizes for intervention and way forward.

Sessions organised from time to time at TSA, prepares the students to assess their confidence, look wisely at their individual goals, passions and plans. These sessions provide the stage for discussing following:

Their interests and aptitude for it

Plans of action for improving weaknesses

Management of priorities

Focus searches

Understanding the socio-economic relevance of career interests

Available options as per academic choices

Contingency plans for future

Other than in-house counselling sessions, we invite university representatives and conduct orientation sessions creating awareness amongst the students about university interviews and plan visits to renowned institutions. These visits sometimes integrate with students exchange programs where  sole purpose of the activity is to empower students with a magnitude of choices, horizons and inculcating respect and appreciation for other cultures and societies.