We believe that properly functional and well-thought of bell schedule is crucial to the operational flow and productivity of a school.

Our bell schedule embeds a comprehensive academic curriculum for our  students within a well-structured schedule that provides our pupil focus and rigour. We offer our pupils with a holistic learning experience with an optimised instructional time that expands the depth of their knowledge and keeps them engaged, supported and connected.

Our school day begins with Assembly at 9.05 am classroom teaching begins at 9.20 am and ends at 3:35 PM – between these hours, we focus on academic achievements and intersperse sports and activity lessons with a full programme of co-curricular activities. Additionally, to increase emphasis on personalised learning, our pupils receive revision classes and homework support and  improvement classes for various subjects for identified learners.

In this well-thought-out schedule, pupils receive daily feedback for self-motivated improvement and guidance for getting involved in areas beyond academics that include sports and non-scholastic activities. In a flexible and supporting schedule, our pupils foster relationships with teachers and peers for a lifetime and learn to progress at their own pace.

During school hours, we offer two refreshment breaks and a lunch that promotes a positive and stress-reducing environment and enhances productivity while sustaining a developing learner’s physical health and mental wellbeing.