Annual Day of the school was celebrated on 13th April 2019.  The day was scheduled to be organised for classes Kindergarten to II, while Annual Day for the Senior school is planned to have it later. This annual day highlighted various aspects of the students, in terms of what they learnt and have been to during this academic session. It had fun, glamour, appeal, discipline, resplendence, humour, and action. Undoubtedly, the show highlighted the rise in the development and widening of the horizon. 

The chief guest of the day was all for appreciation later, when the mesmerism pageant of vibrant colorful event reached its end. There were demonstrations of charismatic skills of performance, procession of color which kept parents in trance, while audience comprising of parents and other guests stayed on to it with unflinching eyes devouring  every moment of the amusement which thrilled them. 

New attempt made about digitising cast and directors of the items, dramatics effects and high contrast visuals to make the program lively and appealing.  

Mrs. Ignatius, the Trustee of TSA , was amused to see tiny toddlers and budding performers. " These tiny toddlers are so pretty and cute that one needs to hold the moment to have it all before there is nothing left. Their innocent gestures forming perfect symmetry with a little out of sync honourably put out into inconsideration, expressed the enthusiasm which was quite contagious. A big Kudo to all of them"