TSA takes pride in its affiliations and accreditations which are worldwide valued and accepted. We endeavour to maintain international standards of academic excellence and create acceptable level of quality that help our graduates get admission in distinguished universities and institutions worldwide.

Guidelines of accrediting bodies help in developing the strategical structure for conducting evaluations, measuring benchmark, evaluation of standard, determination of self improvement and creating a viable plan for judicious development.

The defined learner and teacher profile maintained by our accredited agencies offer significant benefits to the members of its community by gaining access to high-quality academic programmes, syllabi for personal development and opportunities for educators to continue education through certifications and teacher-training programmes. Through our affiliations and accreditations, our pupils get the opportunity to sit for certification examinations which is a value-added benefit for applications for colleges and universities.

TSA is accredited by CAIE, an examining body in Cambridge UK. It follows CBSE structure for non-Cambridge students,  and Trinity Music College, London, that promote a rounded development of our pupils making them knowledgeable, inquirers, responsible and motivated individuals that prepare themselves for lifelong learning in a globally relevant scenario.